CIOs Against Cancer

Where #ITAttacksCancer - CIOs Against Cancer is a community of technology leaders (TechCXOs) that are changing the course of cancer by collaborating and leveraging their influence to raise awareness and funding for early-career cancer research grants.


35,000 Minnesotans will be diagnosed with cancer in 2024 and over 10,000 will die of cancer this year. The data is staggering, but CIOs can do something about it.

As business focused leaders, CIOs understand that cancer is not only a health issue, but also a core business issue.

In 2023, we raised over $600,000 for three American Cancer Society-approved cancer research projects. This year, our goal is to bring in even more and ultimately fund four ACS cancer research projects!

  • Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), like cancer, heart disease, and stroke, currently account for 63 percent of deaths.
  • Over the next 20 years, NCDs will cost the global economy more than $47 trillion, or 75 percent of the global GDP in 2010.
  • Health related productivity losses cost US employers $225.8 billion annually.
  • An analysis of health care expenditures indicates that while cancer related disease accounted for 1 percent of a typical employer’s health care claims, it equated to 10 percent of health care cost.
resource the fight


Help resource the fight

by leaning in and assisting in American Cancer Society fundraising efforts

Build engagement

through supporting and participating in CIOs Against Cancer initiatives

Promote workplace health & wellness

through prevention and early detection


CIOs Against Cancer was developed for TechCXOs of companies with 500 + employees. Members are selected and recruited based upon the recommendations of existing members.

  • CIOs Against Cancer members are C-suite Technology Executive leaders and organizational influencers. (CIOs, CISOs, CTO, CDOs, etc.)
  • Members agree to participate in initiatives and support by committing to fundraise or donate to the best they are able. We work together to promote a culture of health and lead/influence in the fight against cancer.
  • CIOs Against Cancer members can appoint an executive liaison to help facilitate the goals and objectives of the group.

Join us for an event!

CIOs Against Cancer Chapter Fundraising Events

CIOs Against Cancer started with a small charity clays event in Minnesota. Now the community hosts three charity events in Minnesota and is launching a new chapter in Michigan.

Since 2020, these events have helped raised almost a million dollars for early-career cancer research grants through the American Cancer Society.

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Video Created and Produced by Marty Miller of SafeNet Consulting

CIO Member-Only Meet Ups

We collaborate as a powerful group of tech leaders. We use this time to reignite our fire, network with our peers, and support our mission of raising awareness and funding for early-career cancer research grants.

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