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CIO Auction Breaks the Internet

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2024 CIO Auction!

We do want to deeply apologize for the bidding process not being as smooth as it has been previously (more information below), but we have some good news!

Due to our platform, GiveSmart, having technical difficulties during the first round of the auction, we’ll be holding a ROUND TWO for 2nd lunches generously donated from our CIOs!

We invite you to please join us for Round Two of the CIO Auction open from Wed May 15th at midnight – Thurs May 16th at 4pm!

We will be honoring the original winning bids and the auction will re-open at the closing prices.

More information:

Unfortunately, the auction platform we’ve been using, GiveSmart, experienced problems during the last half hour of the auction that prevented some bids from going through (thank you to everyone who reached out and documented their difficulties! If you haven’t yet, we’d love to hear from you).

As you know, the end of an auction is the most critical time: bidding is at its most competitive, and it’s when we raise the majority of our cancer research funds.

The result of missed bids during that time may be the difference in whether or not a research project (that could change the face of cancer) was funded.

We are in contact with GiveSmart’s leadership and parent company, Community Partners. Their position is that our experience doesn’t align with what their logs show.

That said, we have confirmed that GiveSmart will be able to handle the power of our generosity moving forward, and they will be providing extra support when we re-open.

Thank you again for all you, our community, has done to help us understand the scope of this, and for your commitment to the fight against cancer.

We truly appreciate you all!

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